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22 January 2011


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Interesting point, Aggie. I'm not sure I'm completely wrapping my delicate little noggin around it though. I do know this; although my daughter was born outside of the US, she is no less a US citizen. She is also no less a Canadian citizen. Being born abroad does not seem to merit any distinction from "natural born" citizens. At least this is what I have found.

Given that she only has one US parent, I can't see any difference between Obama and her. But again, if you have any irrefutable sources, please do point them out.

And I don't recall the document you reference (alzheimers?). If you still have it, please resend.

Thanks for the fantastic counter!!

Um, not quite, Sebastian.

A "natural born citizen" by several definitions stated in Supreme Court rulings is one whose parents are both citizens of the US, not beholden to other nationalities. His mother is a citizen of the US and has no dual citizenship otherwise, but his father was a Kenyan citizen at the time of BHO's birth, and at the time Kenya was a commonwealth or protectorate of Great Britain, which made Barack Sr. a BRITISH subject, making BHO dual citizen by birth, and ineligible to hold the Office of the President.

I think I sent you a doc by email a while back explaining it ;)

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