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20 February 2011


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Thanks for the support Trish! A Detroit native myself, I am of course all too familiar with the heavy union sentiments prevalent in the motor city. But chin up, sister, it looks like we might be gearing up for a reckoning on this score at last.

This is so beautifully expressed. Thank you from a conservative Pagan who grew up in union-controlled and dying Metro Detroit.

I'm w/ you Aggie, Zombie Reagan '12 all the way!!

WP: Thanks for the support, it means something, coming from the HP and all ;) And leave it to you to provide the background info on the Reagan / ATC issue...

Very nice rant, my friend. I think Zombie Reagan would be a good thing right about now!!

Right on, brother! I live in a right-to-work state, and have never held a job that required me to join a union. I think the PATCO solution is entirely justified here. No work-ee, no job-ee.

One side note to the air traffic controller situation: intercepted and decrypted Soviet cables from that era indicated that they were following the situation very closely. When Reagan sacked the strikers and didn't back down, the Sovs knew that he was someone not to be trifled with.

Anyone who thinks they are indispensable and irreplaceable is simply wrong. If you died today, someone would replace you. Period. Die or quit working, the position's now open.

Nice post.

Many thanks for the support Morgan. Things stay pretty low key around here (except me ranting), but it is good to hear from supporters and critics alike. Blessed be.

Excellent post. I'm a municipal worker in Baltimore, MD and resent that a portion of my paycheck goes to a union affiliated with the American Federation of Teachers, in turn affiliated with the AFL-CIO, the very goons storming Wisconsin.

Great site - please keep the posts coming. Like yourself, I'm Canadian-American (born in Vancouver, BC), interested in Paganism, and due to my artistic and professional tendencies surrounded by Reds. Thanks for making me feel a little less alone!

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